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Dr Ofir Katz from the Dead Sea branch offers a novel viewpoint on the origin of flowers and how to treat questions in evolutionary history
For about 160 million years, dinosaurs were considered rulers of the world. They emerged during the Triassic Period (231 million years ago) and became extinct at the end of the Cretaceous Period about 66 million years ago. While the dinosaurs were the kings of the land, the seas were dominated by marine reptiles such as the paleosaurs and mosasaurs.
The 4th Acacias in the Arava meeting will take place at the Yair R & D center near Hazeva on 25-26th of October.
Dr. Rivki Ofir unmasking the potential of desert plants to cure diseases.The article at the "B'Yachad" magazine.
At the beginning of April, the measured Dead Sea water was -431.30 m, indicating a 5 cm drop during March, compared to a 9 cm drop during March 2016, and a 6 cm drop during the previous month. Last year, the measured sea level was -429.99 m and so, the annual sea level decline as of last month is 1.31 m, compared to the measured annual decline of 1.35 m as calculated last month.