Dead Sea Water Level Watch - March 2017

Dead Sea Water Level Watch - March 2017


At the beginning of April, the measured Dead Sea water was -431.30 m, indicating a 5 cm drop during March, compared to a 9 cm drop during March 2016, and a 6 cm drop during the previous month. Last year, the measured sea level was -429.99 m and so, the annual sea level decline as of last month is 1.31 m, compared to the measured annual decline of 1.35 m as calculated last month.

One decade ago, the sea level was -419.82 m, 11.48 m higher than present. This corresponds to a calculated annual decline of 1.148 m, as of the present month. This value is the same as the value calculated based on last month's measured water level.

(The raw data is courtesy of the Hydrological Service)

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