Tenth Anniversary of Science Center – Workers' Seminar 2016

Tenth Anniversary of Science Center – Workers' Seminar 2016


The gathering denoting the 10th anniversary of the Science Center of the Dead Sea and the Arava was held at the southern venue of the Center, in Yotvata.

About 70 of the people working in the Center participated, researchers, PHD candidates, research assistants, students and management.

We visited the site of the oil leak in Evrona and heard about the monitoring program, and the follow-up studies and analyses.

There was a review of the scientific activity of the four divisions of the Science Center, and choice studies were presented.

We said farewell to Dr. Hannan Ginat, the founder of the Science Center and its scientific director since then.

We heard a guest lecturer – Professor Amatzia Ganin of the Inter-University Institute of Marine Sciences in Eilat – about the working mode at the Institute, and examples of groundbreaking studies done there.

We ended the assembly with plans and goals for 2017. 




Dr. Hannan Ginat